Definition of Zionism [zahyuh-niz-uh m] from (noun) A worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.

I know many Christians in the US are strong supporters of Israel. Like any cause, in order for it to remain just, you cannot approach it blindly. I too am a supporter of the good citizens of Israel. By good, I mean Israelis who are not hateful. Why do I make this distinction? Because if there was anyone in this world who was not a hater, it was Jesus Christ. You cannot call yourself a true Christian, if you live with hate in your heart.

Many Christians try to rationalize their hate. They try to rationalize their hate toward other religions, by painting them with a broad stroke. For example, falsely convincing oneself that all Muslims want to destroy all other religions. I’m sure there are Muslims who believe all Christians want to destroy their religion, but of course we know that is not true. Has there not been enough blood spilt between the crusades & jihads of past?

This brings me to Zionism. Zionists with U.S. government support, pushed for the approval of Israel, under the mandate that Israel would not be racist, hostile or discriminate against it’s neighbours or citizens. Unless you unflinchingly refuse to remove blinders, it is quite obvious that this is currently not the case. But given that Arabs knew that the creation of Israel would mean the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes, is it not understandable that this would lead to anger & fighting? Once the 1948 Arab-Israeli War broke out, the U.S. provided financial aid to the Israelis. We continue to this day to support an unbalanced approach toward the Middle East, even though Israel has apparently become an apartheid state. Has our present federal government gone so far as to even put Israels interests above those of it’s own citizens?


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