Public Safety Procurement (1033) Program

I mostly have a positive outlook toward technology, but not when it comes to the Public Safety Procurement (1033) Program. I understand the benefit of some ex-military heavy equipment in cities, where protests or unrest could become devastating. But they are NOT necessary for towns smaller than 100,000 or so residents.
To be honest, nor are SWAT teams, but we have seen these paramilitary units pop up everywhere! And of course they have little to do in small towns, so why not start using them for situations for which they are totally inappropriate or even dangerous?
Since SWAT mission creep has been allowed to get out of hand, do you not think that small town police will get out of hand with their heavy equipment? Of course they will, the more for SWAT teams to feel like they are playing soldier. It appears the police duty of “To Serve and Protect” is losing ground.
Recent statistics have shown that violent crime is decreasing in many places in the U.S., even in many cities. But that information doesn’t seem to be reaching some police, who appear to be thinking a war is coming to small town USA.


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