Trump compares Mueller probe to McCarthyism – CNNPolitics

This is one of those occasions when I agree with Trump. I’ve felt from the beginning this was neoMcCarthyism, though I don’t think it has done quite as much damage & hopefully won’t.


Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the U.K. What Comes Next?

Here is the article linked to in my previous post below. Something not mentioned is whether out of desperation, Assange would reveal the source of the DNC/Podesta emails. If he did & it wasn’t anyone connected to Russia, that would be a major boon for Trump.

FISA warrant application supports Nunes memo

Of course it does. Though it was 95%+ accurate, it doesn’t stop Schiff-less from saying the memo, “…misrepresented and distorted these applications”. But Gowdy spoke the truth again, “I have not seen one scintilla of evidence that this president colluded, conspired, confederated with Russia, and neither has anyone else, or you may rest assured Adam Schiff would have leaked it,”