Instead of Taking on Gun Control, Democrats Are Teaming With Republicans for a Stealth Attack on Wall Street Reform

Ongoing evidence of our ONE party system behavior, people should & do despise.


Donald Trump And GOP Leaders Could Be Enriched By Last Minute Tax Break Inserted Into Final Bill

Trump, “Oops, now how did that get in there? Bwah ha ha!”

Bannon: America’s Elites Are ‘Comfortable Managing Country’s Decline’

Though there is part truth to this, some people have trouble seperating MAGA from aggressive over-competitiveness. An incoming tide should & does raise all boats equally.


Five ways banks are using blockchain

They hope to use it for clearing and settlement, trade finance and syndicated loans, which are ripe for modernising. If the banksters have their way, the freedom from the usury system that companies like Bitcoin promote, will be usurped.


China Offers Tax Incentives to Persuade U.S. Companies to Stay

A positive outcome from the new tax bill? I guess we shall see.


Trump Unveils “America First” National Security Strategy

More capitulation to the globalists & military. If Trumps administration follow this strategy, our societies security net will be ripped apart to feed the military industrial complex. The primary Americans that will gain from this, will be those employed in that complex & the rest of us will fight for scraps. Where is the nonintervention & reinvestment into this country that Trump campaigned on? It appears the second link below covers that.

Source: Trump Unveils “America First” National Security Strategy | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization


Has Our Government Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Money Without Telling Us?

This is from GAO reporting on DOD & HUD unaccounted spending from 1998-2015.