Trump Vetoes Resolution Withdrawing U.S. Support From Yemen War

Time for Congress to put their money where their mouth is. They have the power of the purse strings to strangle our support of this war of aggression, if they really want to.


Julian Assange Indictment Poses Grave Threats to Free Press

The Trump DOJ is exploiting animosity toward Assange to launch a thinly disguised effort to criminalize core functions of investigative journalism. And a key disgusting way the MSM is using to discredit Assange, is to say Wikileaks is an information dump, not journalism. That’s interesting, because the whole reason the Obama Administration didn’t press charges against Assange, is they believed it would be an assault on First Amendment rights. Which is exactly why the ACLU is taking an opposing stance to the indictment. Here is some of what the article reports:

“So much of what has been reported today about this indictment has been false…But because the DOJ issued a press release with a headline that claimed that Assange was accused of “hacking” crimes, media outlets mindlessly repeated this claim even though the indictment contains no such allegation. It merely accuses Assange of trying to help Manning avoid detection. That’s not “hacking.” That’s called a core obligation of journalism…
But far more important than one’s personal feelings about Assange is the huge step this indictment represents in the Trump administration’s explicitly stated goal to criminalize journalism that involves reporting on classified information. Opposition to that menacing goal does not require admiration or affection for Assange. It simply requires a belief in the critical importance of a free press in a democracy.”

Source: Julian Assange Indictment Poses Grave Threats to Free Press

Comey says he fears possible counterinvestigation after Mueller report – POLITICO

Go ahead & try to wrap yourself in the flag Mr. Comey, but I think fear would be a rational feeling to have right about now. Maybe you all truly had Russia paranoia. If not, all it will take is for one person to get scared & roll over. The shoe is on the other foot, with criminal referrals being made: