It’s about balance

Just a little disclaimer to those who stumble upon my blog but don’t know me personally. I like to think that I am politically moderate, with a slight lean to the left. But this blog can give the impression that I am conservative. I believe this is because I call out the news media for what is perceived as political bias.

I feel true conservatives wrongly believe the media is liberally biased. What I see is a media with an agenda, that goes beyond increasing ratings & viewership. It is a hidden agenda that also wishes to shape public opinion. That agenda is neither left nor right, but of self interest & self enrichment. Ultimately elitist, if you will. If it were true liberal bias, one should see more reporting on the trials & tribulations of the average citizen (to give credit, there still is some true liberal reporting in the public news sector). Therefore, my focus is on untwisting the imbalance I perceive, which I will attest can come across as appearing conservative.

In the end, if the news is to truly serve the common good, it should aim to stay as neutral as possible & focus on the issues that most strongly impact our lives & society as a whole.


Mr. President, tear down the wall hiding those FISA abuses | TheHill

Though this whole debacle may be a decisive moment in our history, the declassification unto itself will not. The MSM will once again minimize & deride the results, running cover to appease their masses.

Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange and Hand Him Over to the U.K. What Comes Next?

Here is the article linked to in my previous post below. Something not mentioned is whether out of desperation, Assange would reveal the source of the DNC/Podesta emails. If he did & it wasn’t anyone connected to Russia, that would be a major boon for Trump.