False Statements by David Friedman, U.S. Ambassador to Israel

This guy needs to be reeled in or replaced.


U.S. Ambassador to Israel falsely claims Israel is ‘only occupying two percent of the West Bank’ – Israel News – Haaretz.com



Wiretaps may prove Trump right — and that’s absolutely terrifying | New York Post

Except for Trump Jr. being stupid & setting up a visit with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary, there has been nothing of substance found in the current investigation. Now the guy who was in charge of the FBI during surveillance of a Republican candidate’s staff, is now head of that investigation. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. And even the current head of the DOJ was surveilled back then when he was a senator. Sessions isn’t fighting or complaining much about this, making me wonder if they have dirt on him.

There is no arguing that the FBI’s stalling in providing Congress with the evidence used to acquire the FISA warrants is very concerning. If the only thing they can nail Trump on is financial dealings unrelated to the Russians, then I fear our Republic is lost.